Friend or Foe- Time Will Tell

Silent reflection and meditation can reveal major things concerning even the most difficult of situations. I can do neither most times due to certain circumstances, but when I’m am able to do them, I treasure those glorious moments. It is in moments like these that I discover the basic and simple truths which uncover grave secrets; these minute “unimportant” details which unravel the greatest of mysteries.

She came to me as a friend or dare I say, under the pretext of a friend. She divulged numerous secrets, told me of the uncountable plots towards my ruin. She begged me not to rat her out and I promised not to. She advised me to pretend all was well and not to show one single sign of emotion. I was weakened and nearly brought to my knees by her words which slapped bitterness into my already sour mouth. I almost cried, but I took a moment to ponder deeply on her words. They made no sense at all, but I could not jump to conclusion, not yet. I went back to her for clarification and she asserted that all her words were true, providing some evidence to back up her claims.

I went back to my normal activities and carried out a thorough investigation. The revelations are shocking!Indeed there are plots and plans made, nasty words said, evil feelings expressed and extreme views shared by some people. I was beginning to believe her at this point till I was edged on by voice inside me to further investigate. Alas! It was all a set up. The so called plotters had never approached her with schemes or related vices. She had not the slightest clue that I had any affiliations with the persons she accused so the thought of me carrying out an investigation never crossed her mind. I discovered that she was not at all the good friend she pretended to be, in fact she was far from it! Then the thought struck me; what if that was what they wanted me to believe?


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  1. Bello says:

    The friend is just a hater. If the person you asked is someone you trust then…

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