Ghost Tale- The Strangers

“You magnify my laziness, yet you give me hope in my hopelessness.” I had no clue what I was saying, but I said these words to him any way and how he laughed! I saw a spark in his eyes; it brought me an inexplicable joy. We went through the day as happy as larks, but the night came with its blanket of darkness. We did not fight, though he upset me. He still managed to steal back into the spot he had carved out for himself in my heart. This was becoming a normal occurrence. We parted ways at night happy, but it was like when he left, my happiness left with him. The usually fully occupied room was as empty as nothing. Now my thoughts swam freely through my head. They swam straight to him.

We were once just fine or was I just oblivious to the problems? They had accused him of doing things; I had come to realize they all just wanted to talk. This time however, they accuse him of saying these things and I know about his ego. Who do I believe? What do I do? Concession: if his ego comes first, then I would rather steer clear. It was not going to be that easy for I could clearly see through his intentions to harm me.

I looked up and I could almost see the end of the ghost tale. Soon we would walk past one another without even knowing the other existed. Our story would become past tense; once friends, now strangers in all ramifications…


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