Boy meets Girl. Girl falls in love with Boy. Boy is afraid of commitment and runs for the hills. Girl is devastated and crushed. Girl finds the courage to move on with her life. Boy goes on his heart breaking spree. Girl fails in her feeble attempts at love. Boy is on a roll. Girl loses faith in love and is now in the game for selfish gain.
Boy gets tired of the game and wants to settle down, but he will never admit it. Girl is fed up and wants to settle down. Boy continues the game with the hope of finding someone. Girl meets Guy and settles down right away. Girl thinks she’s in love with Guy, but what she really sees is Boy in Guy. Boy gets totally frustrated and settles for Lady. Lady is not bad, but Boy knows he’s not in love with her. However, Girl has already moved on, so why shouldn’t he?
Girl sees Boy and remembers the old days. She is a bit emotional, but she has to be strong. Boy pretends he’s having a fantastic life, but just like in times past, Boy and Girl can see right through each other’s pretense. Each live behind a façade of fulfilment and happiness. Then Boy realises… “How I wish…”
So Boy meets Girl, Girl falls in love with Boy, but Boy loves girl too late…not your typical love story now is it?


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