Midnight Tales- Rainy Night

It was a rainy night. The wind slapped against your windows. You covered your head with the pillow. Mum was right, you should have bought those ear plugs you saw at the store; you just weren’t willing to part with your hard earned money. You were really regretting your actions. You heard the claps of thunder and you were scared to your bone marrows! You slowly eased your head from under the pillow. You saw a flash of lightning and then the second clap of thunder followed. It roared loudly and it seemed as if it were in your room. The winds grew louder and fiercer. The windows looked like they were going to give in and let the storm outside in. You saw the flash of lightening again. This time it was prolonged and continuous and it seemed to stop right in your room. It seemed to grow brighter and stronger with each flash. It was bringing an image to life.
Your room began to shake violently. The walls began to cave in. Your closet flung open, so did the windows. Your clothes mixed with the rain water and leaves rustled up by the wind, all in one violent rush. Several deafening claps of thunder followed and your attention was drawn to the figure that had been formed in your room. It was a hideous monster with blood dripping down its mouth and pieces of torn flesh caught between its ugly crooked teeth. It had in its left hand a bloody knife which bore the pains, screams and agony of the many who had been slain by it. You notice those dark, terrifying eyes. They’re like a dark bottomless hole.
It calls your name…there is a certain softness in the way it whispers your name. You scream, but nothing can be heard; you are not even audible to yourself. You jump off your bed and you begin to run. Your door seems to be jammed. You tug at it and push and kick in tears and fright. The beast begins to laugh menacingly. Your desperation is heightened at finally… The door gives way to the glint of a blade as it passes underneath your chin and heads straight into the moist, fear stricken flesh in your throat. The beast appears beside you and begins to whisper your name in your ear, mockingly. It calls your name six times as you struggle to stay alive. Then, it screams your name into your ear; it rings in your brain.
“Sarah! Sarah!! Sarah!!!” You shiver and turn to see Matt standing beside you. “Oh Sarah, I’ve told you to stop burying yourself in these horror books. They’re not good for your health”, he laughed. “Its gonna rain cats and dogs anytime from now. Let me drop you off at home. Jeez! You’re so white, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” You clear up and proceed to leave with Matt. You turn off the library lights and your gaze returns to survey the room around you. A flash of lightning enters into the room and then you see the beast again with his knife raised, laughing hysterically. You shriek and your hand unconsciously goes to your neck. You feel a moist thick liquid dripping down your neck. Gasp! It’s blood!!!


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