And while the world…

And while the world is rushing towards nothing and nothingness, I take a while to reflect upon the phases of my life.

In the middle of all the madness, chaos and disorder, I’m sitting, quiet, plotting an escape.

In spite of all the unnecessary, but incessant fuss about the glitz, the brashness, and the general tasteless showiness, I cannot but watch in silence and wonder where the end of this sickening ride is.

In the midst of all the loquacious women of easy virtue who have all too quickly forgotten they will one day be mothers, responsible for the lives of others looking up to them…mothers who will bear daughters who will be reflections of them…women who will have to function as the strengthening bond and hold for their families…

Amongst the wretched, good for nothing ex’s and “lovers” who go around in a bid to increase their jar of hearts collection, not realizing that one day they will be fathers, husbands, heads of the home…and what I ask will their young sons learn from them?

Amidst all the scheming, deceit, lies, betrayal, abuse, molestation…amidst all the rot and decay…amidst all the artificial persons and personalities trying desperately to cover up the true throes and woes of the epic disaster they are living…

Right in the middle of it all, here I am trying to make sense of everything, but the deeper I go, the more unreasonable and unrealistic it…you all seem…

So tonight, I’m shutting the door to all my “friends”, bidding all the “passionate lovers” farewell, walking away from all the bullshit my “sisters” are churning out and saying a chilly, goodbye, stricken with frostbite…to all those who must have thought so wrongly that I’d stick around much longer to put up with their asininity and ludicrous foolery. It has indeed been a pleasure knowing you all. ☺

But I watch still, from afar though, for this is a tale I want to follow until the very end…


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