Odd One Out

It is tremendously pathetic that a country where a Senator earns over 40 million per month as salary cannot “afford” to pay Lectures allowances owed for the past 4 years and counting. In that same country, with even a Local Government Chairman earning over 10 million a month, Professors are earning less than 4 million a year. What then will the regular lecturers be earning?

This is not a country, it is a sad mess of a jungle, run by “giants” with eggshells for brains. 🙂

This is not a society, it is a catastrophic failure!

It is bad enough that we have no power nor accessible roads. Now no education too??? Wait. And then all the food we eat is imported? I’m sorry, why exactly do we elect…pardon my error…why exactly are a handful of people selected to go into power?

And then CBN just released over 150 billion to curb the “inflation” in Nigeria. I tell you, this country is being run by a bandwagon of FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anything, Nigeria should be rid with deflation because there’s in fact NO money chasing a gazillion goods! But of course, the economists are seeing “inflation”. So there is actually money, but a select few are sitting on it.

Every time, we go to churches, prayer houses, spiritualists, diviners, etc. We bind and cast and destroy every demon seating on our wealth. These demons are flesh and blood like you and I o! And they gather in Aso Rock to share our hard earned money every month o! So the next time you’re binding and casting, know the real demons you are fighting and leave all those vague ideas.
Truth be told, I’m tired of talking, because no matter how much talk, nothing seems to ever change. Even the activists have gone bunkers because they’ve hit money. I tire for my country o!

And the youth? ‘Directionless, without any capable leaders. A lost generation.’ This is what our dear leaders think of our generation, their children. I believe something; if a child is spoilt and rotten, look to the parents. There, you will find the root cause. I have said enough.

And as for the youth of Nigeria, keep wasting your time on frivolities. There’s a special place in hell for all of us who sit back and watch while some untamed beasts squeeze us dry, knowing fully well that we can indeed if we want to, stop them.

As a matter of fact, the torment will start here on earth as long as we keep our arms folded while these uncivilized, barbaric and uncultured rats run all over the place as if na dem papa get Nigeria.

It’s time to take back what rightfully belongs to us.

Please, get an education, a valuable education. Come back to change lives and heal this fatally wounded nation. Please, let us not do the same iranu ati oshi that these ones are doing now. I beg you, let us be the difference and the change we want to see.

Start up foundations, little NGO’s. Use the knowledge you’ve acquired from school and from life. Begin a little community project. It doesn’t have to be ginormous, even a little donation will do. You will be saving a million and one lives.

Use your gifts wisely. Know what you stand for. The nation and it’s leaders are corrupt. Be the odd one out.

Know that you’re in school not only for yourself, but a whole nation is looking up to, for one day, you will have to shoulder its responsibilities.

Be kind to people, be kind to one another. Please let us let go of all the unnecessary hostility. It’s only causing premature deaths. Above all, let us always seek the face of God. Because truly and honestly, we all know that He is the only one who can truly save us from this calamity; we are but instruments in the hands of the master architect.

Have a wonderful day, but please always remember, “Naijiria yii ti gbogbo wa ni”…


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  1. madeyamu says:

    loool @ eggshells for brains. I like the idea of this post: that we are all part of the problem so we can all be part of the solution… and also, I’m tired of staying home, I need school 😦

    1. Thanks my dear. Do spread the message. Love always…xx

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