Poetry by The Charioteer


I have an aim, a dream to reach the highest of mountains, highest of all. I want to drink that first drop of dew that tastes like heaven’s water ,like God’s tear. And I want to relish it as I heave sigh. I am warrior in making. Everyday I run barefooted across the streets till my feet bleed, I bathe with molten lava. Everyday I cross hurdles; I face shower of arrows and drizzle of bullets. And it is not that I am not afraid, I am. I am more afraid than I have ever been but the prize lures me, that sweet dew at the top of that echoing mountain.

For once I stand, I wait and I see no one. I think for once that I have no competition, but I am wrong, others are running too. All are greedy for the prize. And they are running…

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