The sun had scorched, the drought was etched
Deep within, upon the surface of my core
Desert, my land was dry and parched
Deprived of drops, let alone a downpour

I cried for days unend, oh spirits hear my plea
But all in vain it seemed, on deaf ears they fell
Resilient and armed with hope, I’d simply just watch and see
And rain would arrive to quench, and put out this heat of hell

My prayers were heard; at last I did rejoice
The rain had come to cleanse, the land and to repair,
Restore, renew my lush green; yes, this had been my choice
My love, the rain had returned, it’s beauty colored the air

It poured, unwilling to stop; a good thing I had thought
But soon they came with tales; restriction, disruption, destruction!
Detractors, I screamed in pain; to ruin a love for which I fought
But soon my love grew wild, oblivious of all instruction

I begged for it to stop, we all needed a calm
But rage the more it did, eroding my precious land
Was this not still my love, for whom I composed a Psalm?
No, this was just a monster, to ruin my prize so grand

I hated the rain, I cursed it in spite
I wanted it to leave, to cease at all cost
A break of any sort, we needed indeed some respite
To heal from our wounds, and take into account all we had lost

It did as we had asked, subsiding as was bid
The sun then shone on us and thankful we all were
But quickly on us it poured, the anger which it hid
For rejecting it before, it vowed to strip us bare

We called for rain again, but this time twas a no
Unfaithful lovers, it called us; it planned to teach compromise
But all we did was fight, and push the sun to go
Yet rain did not return, and drought was left to rise…


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