My Admission…

It’s a tiny bird,
A tiny spark,
A tiny twitch,
Unnoticed at best.

It’s ignorable at first,
Then like an electric shock, it awakens something in you
Like venom, it spreads round your mind at lightning speed
It feels like a delusion; you begin to notice things you normally would not have

It drives you crazy,
It makes you feel great,
It opens up your entire soul,
It rudely rids you of your affected air and pride

You hate it,
You love it,
Then you hate it some more
But you end up loving it the more

We have all had our fair shares of bad experiences,
But the truth goes without saying,
Love was never meant to be glitch free,
But definitely worth all the trouble you go through

After all, for God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son to redeem us by giving his life for ours

Love gives, without asking, and never stops giving
Even when the recipient seems like a lost cause
Many of us are witness to that…

Have a beautiful day! ♡


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