Recovery- A Mosaic specially dedicated to Eminem ♡

Twenty-below as it snows, I’m like the cold wind that blows. God it feels like I’m going psychotic. I’ve turned into a hater, I put up a false bravado. Why in the world do I feel so alone? It feels like I’m talking to myself…

Why am I like this? Why is winter cold? I’m pissed, but I would rather take this energy and stash it in a can, come back and whip your ass with it again. And you can sound the alarm, you can call out your guards, you can fence in your yard, you can hold all the cards, but I won’t back down!

“You’re on fire”, they say, but honestly, I just keep on going through changes…don’t know why, I don’t know what else to say…but I just keep on going through changes.

But I’m not afraid to take a stand, and I’ma be what I set out to be without a doubt; undoubtedly! Wow…I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of my world…I feel like I’m morphing into something that’s so incredible that I’m dwarfing all competitors. Like when you’re so good that you can’t say it cos it ain’t even cool for you to sound cocky anymore…lool…

But I’ve been treated like dirt before you and love is ‘evol’, spell it backwards, I’ll show you. But there’s a storm coming that the weather man couldn’t predict…

You see, I’ve done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness, but I feel when I bend over backwards, all you do is laugh. You keep treating me like a staircase, well it’s time to step and I won’t be coming back, so please, don’t hold your breath!

See…I’m not as crazy as you thought I was, or am I? But I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had cos you ain’t ever met nobody like me! You see, y’all are Eminem backwards, you’re meni me’s…hehe…

You dream of trading places, but there’s too much to lose, you just cannot fill these shoes. Excuse the corny metaphor, but they’ll simply never ketchup to all this energy that I’ve mustard. So be careful what you wish for cos you don’t get another chance; life is no Nintendo game. There’s simply too much to lose.

But Lord I’m so thankful, please don’t think I don’t feel grateful, I do. Just grant me the strength that I need, for one more day to get through. And a special dedication to Big Proof…you may be gone, but you’re never over.

Well, here I come, Havoc on the beat I wreak it, evil I see, hear and speak it. Looool…thank you for coming out. Hope you enjoyed the show…till next time, peace! ✌ 😉


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