Figment of My Imagination


I want to share a story

About the man I’m in love with

The way he whispers my name so soft


But with so much authority and passion


And I unconsciously submit myself to his

Every desire need and want

When he talks

I can’t help but to be drawn to his voice

His husky voice

His mind is filled with so much intelligence

It blows me away

I don’t wander too far away

His voice is so captivating

His eyes are so small

When he looks at me

Oh my when he looks at me

His eyes seem like that of a kitten purring for milk

And it melts me

His lips so soft


Like a baby

I never wanna stop kissing him

He is masculine in a cute way

Not so macho on the outside

I know his heart is in the right place

When people say…

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