I am…

I am paying for the actions of an irresponsible government that does not understand the value of human life. I am paying for the actions of a bunch of fools whose lives are as directionless and visionless as the policies they make. I am paying for the decisions of a madhouse of goats who cannot tell their left from their right. I am paying for the failures of administrations who have brought nothing else to the table other than an agenda to reduce the common man to nothing. I am paying for the outcomes of incapable administrations motivated purely by greed, lust for power, and more greed. I am paying for the decisions taken by incompetent leaderships sworn to excessiveness, public display of foolishness, and exhibitions of utter cluelessness, and complete stupidity. I am the Nigerian student, and I am paying for the sins of a few whose atrocities have contaminated the land.

I have to graduate at least a year after I am meant to because my government is that proverbial father who will rather who will rather squander his wealth on liquor than provide for his child’s education. I have to struggle to get into school, into the program of my choice, because the competition is very high; yes, it is a contest of who can afford to oil the palms of as many as necessary. I have to struggle after graduation, because the supply of graduates far exceeds the miniscule demand for them. And then suddenly, I would remember one thing I had at least heard while sitting in that hot, and congested 2000 student class, drifting between the thoughts of where my next meal would come from, and weather the rickety fan hanging above me would be what would finally end my miserable life.

I see a warning light, and realize it is all a dream. I jerk awake on my bunk bed which is gradually falling apart. This is followed by the blast of unpleasant odor reminding me of how unfortunate I was to have been allocated the room next to the toilets. I decide to choose a new path. Fast track to a few months later. I have happily tried to start my educational career over in a new country. But alas, the years of visionless leadership of my country has once again resulted in calamity. Oil prices are falling, the naira is falling at the speed of light. No one is paying attention to the crumbling economy, they are all in Abuja trying to determine the next set of looters. I am here, “in the overseas”, I haven’t received any allowance in three months, my visa does not permit me to get a job, my school has “limited” work study spaces available. “Business is not going to well”, my parents say, “but hopefully things will return to normal after the elections”. The normalcy they speak of unfortunately is the corruption and decadence that we have come to understand the normative societal order. I am not hopeful, and I look forward to the coming elections with something that is worse than apathy…maybe pessimism. No, anger.

I am the Nigerian student, and I have been failed by a system which was originally envisioned to help me succeed. Obafemi Awolowo dreamed of a Western region that would offer free education to its indigenes. We took his dream and defecated on it. Can we not produce one single educated president? Well, fuck my life. And as for every Nigerian leader who has refused to grasp that the first rule of leadership is servitude, the blood of the many Abels you have slain is actively speaking for you.


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