Mine (4)

When I opened my eyes, it was dark except for the lights from the streets which shone in, although very dim. I sat up, and looked out the window. I felt the figure beside me stir, as the night light came on. “Hi there”, he said. I could hear the smile in his voice, and I felt so stupid when I remembered the episode that had gotten us there. He tugged at my t-shirt, pulling me back to bed. I rested my head on his chest, and said “hi”. I shut my eyes, and drew a really long breath. It felt nice and warm, his chest. I consciously matched my breathing to his, and I simply enjoyed my head moving as his chest rose and fell. I put my arm across him, and he ran his hands along my side, and rested on my waist. Wrong move. I jerked his hand away, probably taking him by surprise. “I’m sorry, did I..” “No, nothing. You’re fine. Just don’t do it again”, I said. He must have been very stubborn as a child, this man, because his hand continued to drift to my waist. I continued to push his hand away, until he grabbed me firmly, and I just lost it. It was as if I was having a fit; I was laughing, and shaking all over the place. “So you’re ticklish…” he continued to tickle me. Why are human beings so mean? I began to beg in between my shrieks of laughter, but clearly, he was enjoying this. Long story short, I ended up on the floor, with him on top of me. Then I threatened to cry, and scream for help.

He stopped, and took a long look at me. He lowered his upper body, bringing his lips to mine, but stopped just short of them. Shame on me, I had already closed my eyes expecting a kiss like the other night, but all I got was a laugh. He was laughing at me. -_- “Ummmm…please get off me”, I pushed him off. He sat on the floor, still with that stupid smile on his face. I wanted to slap it away so bad. I picked up my jeans to wear them, but then I turned, and threw them at him instead. Then I did something really…really…errrr…. Anyways… I marched back to him, positioned myself across his body, and kissed him… “What do yo do for a living?” I asked. He giggled, “why do you want to know.” I rolled my eyes, and shook my head. What was it with all this mystery? “Well, I’m a student”, I offered. “I go to school in Macon.” I looked at him, and smiled.

David was a business man. He had always loved food, and had inherited his father’s local business, which he had now turned into a multi-million dollar chain of restaurants. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but he had had a happy childhood. I had neither; it was just recently that I had reconnected with my inner child, and I became really happy. We shared stories over dinner, wine, and chocolates. There was so much simplicity to him, but at the same time, he was very sophisticated. We were sitting on the couch now, legs stretched out on the coffee table, play fighting over the blanket. He threatened to tickle me, and I became more mellow than I thought myself capable of being. He put his arm around me, and I snuggled closer to him. He kissed me briefly, and I smiled, He fed a piece of chocolate to me. “Are you married?” I asked. “Divorced”, he said. I froze there.

There are two kinds of men I like to avoid at all costs: married men, and men who were once married. No!!!! Why?! This had been such a great evening. I heard him laughing, and suddenly, he became a source of irritation for me. “What is funny?” I rolled my eyes, not even attempting to hide my disgust. “I take it you don’t like men who were once married. Would you prefer it if I were married then?” he teased. I pulled away from him, and he pulled me back. “No. You’re not leaving if that’s what you have in mind.” He wasn’t smiling, at all! I was a bit afraid, but I blushed a little. “Where are you from?” he asked as if nothing happened. “How long were you married for? What happened?” “Really Stacy? Don’t do this. Not now please.” I refused to say anything to him after that. I shoved his arm away, and folded my arms across my body, and stared at the TV. He got up, put on a shirt, and went out the door.

I felt like crying, but I was also angry at the same time. I went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I stepped in, and let the water just fall all over me. I stood there thinking; should I run away, should I stay? The thoughts were making me dizzy. Why was he a divorcee? Why? Why? Why? I was already thinking out loud, and then I heard the door open. “Please leave”, I said, “just leave, I’m not doing this.” “Not doing what Stacy? I haven’t asked you to do anything. Why does this have to be a big deal?” I honestly didn’t know the answers to those questions. “Just leave please”, I pleaded, even though I knew he wasn’t going to. “We were married for about 10 months. We dated for about 2 years. Just before the wedding, I discovered she was sleeping with one of the investors I had approached with a proposal for an expansion project. She was pregnant at the time, and I had hoped the marriage and the baby would change her, but she continued. Then eventually when I confronted her, she said she just couldn’t fathom sharing her bed with only one man for the rest of her life. Jason is four now.” He was sitting on the floor now. He looked really sad; maybe he had been very lonely. Broken men, ugh, not again! I got out of the shower, took a towel, and just left him sitting there…


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