The Night After

Going to bed with thoughts of you echoing in my head, your name dancing sleepily on my lips
I’ve known you by many names; David, William, Rob, Criminy, Jack, Max… Different stories, but all one man
I’ve come to feel something, love, lust, need, want, hunger, desire
I’ve come to yearn more than I thought I could ever
A perfect lover through and through
You’ll be gone by morning, fading away with the night,
But I’ll know you were here, remember you were here, feel you were here
And your words will ring in my head, like little messages left for me
Reminding me how you made me feel, how I cried out for you, how I loved you in the dead of night…

I’d wake up to sensuous messages from you in the morning; you’d know I would be kept awake by my maddening desire to hold you again…
Ripped up pieces of clothing litter the floor beneath my bed; this thing you do to me…
Visions flash past my eyes, provoking memories from when you possessed me, and made me yours…
The anticipation, how I squealed in delight, the perfect unison we blended into…that singular moment when nothing existed outside us…
My heart is beating fast again. Why are you smiling in your sleep? Why are you sliding under the sheets? Why are…? oh.


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