“Afrocality”: A Nigerian Expression

Image: Ross, Denise. FELA! Dec. 6, 2010. Web. Apr. 20, 2015

I am an African
I am an African woman

Ile Ife, apoti ese Olodumare, and the cradle of civilization

I love my skin
I love my African skin
I love my dark, African skin
I love my hair
I love my thick, comb-breaking hair 😂

I love my accent
I love my thick, very African accent
I love language
I love my beautiful African language

Orisa bii iya, ko si laye

I love my parents!
Oh yesss! My “too African for their own good” parents 😂😂
Yes, the parents who whooped my sorry behind with no mercy 😂😂
The struggle of every African child

Oooh I love my names
I love my perfect African names
Oluwatoyin, Omolajipe, Adetoun, Mojisola, Temitope, Ikuomola

FELA! The abami eda himself, who taught me to revel in,
And celebrate my Africanness

I love my dance
I love my fire African dance
I love my music
I love that sensuous tune your hips unconsciously sway to
Yes, that Afro-beat, that original Afro-jam

I love my African heritage
I love my African way
I love my African culture
I love my African food
I love my African attire

Ibadan; the ancient city
Eko Ile; home of the greats

I love my Africanized English
I love my Africanness
I love that the first thing you notice about me is my Africanness
Because before anything else, I am first and foremost an African woman

Ile Ife– An ancient town in Southwestern Nigeria
Apoti Ese Olodumare– Translation: God’s footstool
Orisa bii iya, ko si laye– Translation: There is no deity in existence that can be compared to a mother
Fela– Nigerian musical legend, and political activist
Abami Eda– Strange/mysterious creature
Ibadan– An ancient city in Southwestern Nigeria
Eko Ile– An indigenous name for Lagos, a state in Southwestern Nigeria, and the commercial capital of the country.


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