Happy New Year!

“New year, new me; it’s all bullshit.” Seems to be the new in-thing now lool. Funny people. As much as social media is going crazy about the whole new me thing being bs, I don’t think we should do away with the thought completely.

You know that feeling when you finish using your old pen, and you start using a new one? Or when you’ve filled up the pages of your journal, and you get to start a new one. That feeling when you get a new notebook for your subject, and you try to make your writing neater than usual, draw all your lines and diagrams with extra care, even highlight words, or emphasize ideas using different ink colors. Yes? No? Okay.

There’s this natural feeling of newness. One cycle ends, a new cycle begins. One chapter of the book ends, a new chapter begins, or hell, a new book entirely. One season passes, another begins. The last day of the calendar ends, a new calendar begins. True we actually never change, but we all grow, and develop, negatively or positively. 

You want to completely turn around your habits, lifestyle, whatever, this year? Then good luck. Make a note. Design a banner, hang up a poster. Remind yourself daily of your goals. Pray for strength and grace. Be a new you, be the best version of you yet. You want to stick it to the man? Throw that good for nothing SOB to the curb? Yay you! I wish you the very best, and I pray you find the strength and grace to hold your head up high and walk away from the rot like the king or queen you are.

The past year has been quite a year. And the one valuable lesson I’m taking away from it is that I’m really not a child anymore, and it’s time to start saying more of “fuck it, fuck you, I want this, I’m taking it.” For me, this new year is an opportunity to start afresh, try new things, see, explore, dare to defy, to be different. For me, I want this year to see the best me yet, and I say this prayer for my friends and family. May this year be our best yet, may it see the best versions of us yet.

So go out, be a new you. Try on that sexy dress, buy that teddy ☺️ rock those shoes, love that body, care for that body, love that person. Finish that book, start that class, give that cutie your number (trust me on this one lol), be on time for that class, surprise that woman, workout for 7 days in a row. There’s no magic or miracle that will turn everything around in a second, but take those little steps, make those little decisions, say those little words…step by step, day by day, prayer by prayer, this year will indeed see the best, brightest, sexiest, boldest version of you yet.

Happy New Year beautiful people, have a great 2016!! 😘😘


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