I dream of a tomorrow bright and shiny, borne from a yesterday gloomy and bleak. I envision a future ripe with plenty, to quench the hunger of the past, sate this thirst I was born into. I see a time to come with joy and dancing, atonement for suffering and strife of days gone past. I see in tomorrow big, bold lights, to illuminate the darkness that rid my yesterday. I dream of a future with color and music, birthed by a silent past in greyscale. I envision a day to come with prosperity, and wealth in the most divine of senses, an atonement for the need and hardships of days gone past.

I look to a place beyond the horizon, green and flowing with life; healing, and resurrection from the ashes that mark this ground. I look to a place in the skies, vast, with beauty incomparable, growing from the seed of sacrifice in this small space with little to live on. I look to a place so close, yet so far; a dream so fickle, yet so real. A place where the real and the unreal mingle; a place where earth and sky collide. A place where divinity meets humanity. A place where royalty greets the common man in humble adoration. A place of liberation from the shackles of a time which must now end. 

I look to a future beautiful and peaceful, borne out of the pain of yesterday, and the hope we had through it all.
(Photo Credit: Google search, http://www.ifreex.deviantart.com)


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