Stop with all the Nigerian accent BS

God, I hate all these “Nigerian accent” things…there’s no such thing as a Nigerian accent for crying out loud! We don’t even speak the same native language or share the same ethnicity. You can’t tell me I sound like Musa, your Hausa neighbor, or Chika, your Igbo aunt. I don’t even sound like Iya Kasala, and we’re probably from the same state. Neither do I sound like the president of my country -_-

You can’t imitate a Nigerian accent, because it doesn’t exist. And you make people look stupid. 😑 If you say try to imitate an accent from Nigeria, that’s fine- pick and choose, Fulani, Ibibio, Igbo, Oyo (even though they’re Yoruba, they still sound very distinct), your daddy from Ogbomosho (again, also Yoruba, but very distinct). Don’t just come here and be insinuating that we sound anything alike. Maybe if we had a common native language called ‘Nigerian’, we could have a ‘Nigerian’ accent. But we DO NOT. We all (mostly) speak English with accents derived from a mix of our native tongues, and education.

I understand there has to be some generalization cos everyone in the world speaks differently. It’s okay, generalize all Yoruba people. I still maintain that I don’t sound like daddy Ogbomosho though 🙄 Cool though. Yoruba people: We all add ‘h’ to the beginning of every word that starts with a vowel, and take away the ‘h’ from every actual h-word. And just fuck words up generally. H’am h’espetin ‘Arry Potta part 2 h’in d mail toe-marrow (I’m expecting Harry Potter 2 in the mail tomorrow). 😒 I don’t sound like that though do I? Asides the h’ocashuna (occasional) slip up. ☺️☺️

Anyway, point h’is (oops ☺️): there is no such thing as a Nigerian accent. We don’t have a common native language that could commonly accent our English. So many native languages, so many great (and at times killer) versions of the English language, so many, ‘far too distinct to be generalized’ accents.

‘Ope you af h’enjoy diz pieze. ✌🏾️✌🏾

P.S: the only general rules that will probably apply are more in the area of mannerisms- open your mouth as wide as you can, always shout, always sound angry and aggressive, gesture intensely too. When laughing, slap your neighbor’s back really hard cos the laugh is just too much to handle, also, occasionally throw your arms, and legs around when laughing, and if possible take out the next person’s eye while at it. 😒


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