She speaks!

Hi there!

You! Yes you! 🙂


To the diary of a crazy, gifted noisemaker… 😛

She will sing songs of love, criticize and doubt the existence of love.

She will share her thoughts, you can call her opinionated, but she doesn’t really care…who really does anyways?

She will make you smile 🙂 make you cry 😥 make you laugh =)) confuse you :s get you tripping 😉 and get you plain scared 😡

She will lambaste the government and she does promise to give it credit…when it does something good 😀

She will tell tales, long and short… 😀

She will stir up trouble, she will cause chaos 😉

But she will never ever stop pouring out her heart

Cos that’s exactly what she does…

She lives to write…

And this is the story of her life…



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  1. Longing to read fresh posts on this blog!

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